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The Best Breakfast Sandwiches In Seattle

Our 10 favorite breakfast sandwiches in Seattle.

Breakfast foods are a social construct, but just about everyone can get behind going to town on bacon, egg, and cheese between bread with their morning coffee. And while it can be tough to find a truly great breakfast sandwich in a city that doesn’t have a bodega or bagel shop on every corner (we’re not bitter about it), Seattle does have some standouts. From loaded english muffins with daikon and mushrooms to a diner’s stacked biscuit, these are the best breakfast sandwiches in town.


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B-Side Foods


421 E Thomas St, Seattle
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The toasty, stuffed english muffin at B-Side Foods has it all. There’s sharpness from crumbled Beecher’s, tang and crunch from pickled daikon, spice from hot sauce-doctored mayo, and tender scrambled eggs with green onion folded in like grassy confetti. Add thinly shaved country ham or slow-cooked mushrooms, and you have Seattle’s very best breakfast sandwich, let alone Capitol Hill's.

We kind of lied when we said B-Side has it all. They don’t have bacon. For the greatest bacon breakfast sandwich in town, Mas Cafe in Wallingford is the place. This tiny roadside coffee shop uses fluffy Macrina buns as vehicles for a crackly-edged fried egg, chunky grilled onions, a swipe of aioli made slightly sweet by red chile sauce, white cheddar, and the crowning glory: a fistful of extremely well-done bacon. We’re talking an actual pile of bacon so crispy that, one time, a stray shard cut our face and we’re not even mad about it. No pain, no bacon, as they say. And if bacon isn't your thing, go for the sausage version, loaded with two paper-thin patties and nutty provolone. 

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Good Voyage is a natural wine bar in South Park that's perfect for a moody first date. By day, however, they operate as a coffee shop, complete with espresso drinks and Sea Wolf pastries. No hate to the croissants, but you can skip all of that in favor of their homemade "Baconeggandcheese," a squishy cornmeal-dusted kaiser roll stuffed with soft scrambled egg, crunchy bacon, and american cheese that's velvety in the center but with little broiled corners where it pokes out from the bun. This morning sandwich is small, simple, and literally perfect.

Chances are, you’re at this incredible White Center donut shop for donuts. The breakfast sandwich, however, is another reason to line up outside before they open. It comes with either chopped bacon or sausage mixed into cheesy soft scrambled eggs, all packed into a pillowy baguette. The crispy pieces of meat hidden inside the creamy eggs add a salty snap to every bite, and we can't stop thinking about how well the bread soaks up the filling. Getting this sub should be a Sunday morning priority. 

Stumble across Saint Bread and you might think that you’ve fallen through an enchanted portal into a rustic boathouse with stained glass windows in a remote waterfront village. Only instead of buoys and barnacles, this little shed on the University District side of Portage Bay is filled with great brunch food, like a breakfast sandwich on a fluffy Japanese melonpan that’s topped with a thin layer of cookie dough before baking. Glory be to this creation, stuffed with jammy-but-not-messy fried eggs and sticky american cheese that fuses to the bacon grease that fuses to the rogue granulated sugar on your fingertips. Embrace the sweet-and-salty McGriddle energy.

Most spots serve egg sandwiches with sausage, but the McMainstay Muffin at Mainstay Provisions in Phinney Ridge is essentially a sausage sandwich with egg. The pork here is casually the size of a hockey puck, savory and juicy with soft bits of onion throughout the mix. And despite its burger-like girth, the sausage’s flavor is just subtle enough to support an over-medium egg and gooey cheese, all on a homemade, aioli-slathered buttermilk english muffin. 

We’d stop by this Capitol Hill bakery just for their fresh pastries, like chocolate-swirled babka muffins, salted tahini bars, and crumb cake with a perfect ratio of crumb to cake. But that would be ignoring their BEC, a majestic stack of paper-thin egg folds, bacon cooked just before it gets crispy, and yellow american that oozes between the layers and stretches like taffy, all on a homemade toasted poppy roll. NYC transplants will be thrilled (read: moderately content) with this bodega-style copycat, but it’s also just a hands-down great breakfast sandwich.

We love when a breakfast sandwich features a six-inch oval sausage patty that’s ever so much thicker than the fried egg. And it’s what's happening here at North Star in Greenwood, along with melted american on your choice of english muffin or biscuit. (You want the biscuit.) In a city absolutely overrun with complicated topping combinations and snooty sauces, we appreciate the four-ingredient simplicity of this one.

It may seem like a small blip on a menu full of burgers, but the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from 206 is this First Hill fast food joint's greatest contribution to the city. With perfectly crisp bacon, a fried egg with lacy edges, melted american, and aioli smashed between a buttery brioche bun, the result is a lot of steamy bread enveloping a small amount of filling—like a Smuckers Uncrustable, only in breakfast form.

Even though the bagels and burritos at this Ballard spot are excellent, you can’t ignore Rachel's biscuit breakfast sandwiches. In particular, we’re fans of the Hello McNasty, complete with a jiggly slab of baked scrambled egg, ham, cheddar, crunchy sumac-pickled onion, and spicy garlic honey that adds a decent amount of heat while sweetening up the whole thing. 

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